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DO NOT order from this company - after paying TWENTY dollars for next day shipping because I needed my outfit for a show, They didn't bother to even ship the order out from their warehouse until EIGHT DAYS LATER - that being WEEK DAYS btw. I am furious - I spent about $70 and out of dozens of calls and emails I have only gotten through to a rep one time during which I was told sorry there's nothing that can be done to refund me the shipping cost or give me a price adjustment but they hope I enjoy the outfit when it finally arrives......??

First of all I dont need it anymore!!!! Second, I was hung up on at that point!!! WTF?


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From their website, in the Customer Service section, "Shipping" section:

"Some Special Order Items from certain brands may take 5-7 business days to ship from our warehouse."

You said they didn't ship it from their warehouse until 8 business days later. I think you have a case!


Wow that's screwed up. $20 isn't a bad price for Next Day Expedited shipments this year.

But on another note, sounds like some terrible customer service.

They could refund you the shipping costs, it was their fault for waiting so long to ship it. Sounds like complete laziness to me.

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