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i made an online order from the online store spicy and there was an error in their cart system, it gave a wrong item in the cart instead the one i wanted, and i contacted them to correct the item but no reply,

i gave them clear instructions in my order not to ship untill all the items are available, they sent only half of the items without even referring to me.

they dont have a phone number,

they dont ever reply to any mails or messages,

they dont have customer service at all,

they are the worst online store i saw ever!!


Monetary Loss: $61.

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Yes I also won't buy from an online store unless I have spoken to them on the phone.

My husband found something sexy and naughty that I just had to have (so he says) on Spicy Lingerie. He paid extra shipping ordered on a Monday (10/26)paid extra for shipping so we could get the items before the weekend, we live driving distance from their warehouse. By Wednesday we e-mailed asking them about a shipping reply. We faxed asking them about reply. By Thursday I e-mailed them and told them that if we didn't get our stuff by Friday we needed to cancel our order... they replied saying that they would ship our stuff out.

It's Tuesday Nov. 3 now we still have not gotten our stuff.

This place sucks major donkey balls! NEVER EVER will we order from them again.

Grover Beach, California, United States #75090

You know.......the first thing I do when buying from an online company for the first time is look for an address and phone number on the website. I call the # to see if it's legit.

I check for complaints against that company. Doing some homework can save a lot of grief.

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