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I placed an order Friday, Oct. 14, right away my account was charged, I got a conformation e-mail right away.

A week goes by I check my email daily to see if my items were sent, no email. I called the contact number provided on their web site during business hours, the phone rand until an automated system picks up saying their mail box was full. I called over 15 times that day. I sent several email that weren't responded to til later on that evening after 9:30 pm eastern time.

Wth? a lady named "VIVIAN" responds saying my items would be sent shortly..what ever that meant. I sent an email this morning asking them to cancel my order, this evening I got a response saying they could not cancel the order, they offered me a 10% discount, and they also offered to send my package priority mail, with the option of sending the items back to them for a full refund. An hour later I decided it'd be a good idea to print that email as proof and to my surprise that email was GONE!!

I didn't erase it, the b@st@rds retractd the email.

I've reported them twice to the BBB today. Hopefully their website will be terminated.

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