My first experience witht his website was horrible! I placed my order on a friday and paid for the express 2-3 day shipiing thinking it would be shipped out Monday and I would have my package by Thursday or Friday at the latest.

Finally on Thursday I got a shipment confirmation, letting my know my pakcage was shipped almost a week later after I orginally made my purchase! I emailed them back asking what the problem was, and I was extremly unhappy with this. I got a reply saying that items are usually shipped within 4-6 business day after purchase. So I ended up getting my package the following week, Im not sure when because I was away that week.

So I agianst better judgement tried again. I made my purchase last Friday, June 29th, and I still have not recieved an email confirming that my package has been shipped and it has been 8 days since the time of purchase. I've emailed them TWICE now with no response, the second email stating that I would like to cancle my purchase and have my payment refunded to me. No response, surprise surprise.

Ive even tried calling and gotten no answer, and customer service is closed on the weekends. Not sure what to do at this point.

I will never ever order from this site or suggest that anyone else does either!!!!!! BUYER BEWARE!!!!!!!

Monetary Loss: $60.

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OOOooops,they also list phone # for Spicy Lingerie, Inc.

(909) 598-0588

20621 East Valley Blvd., Suite A,

Walnut, CA 91789 :grin


Do you have a phone number for the customer service?? every time I click on the 'contact' button it wants me to put in a user name and password, which I don't know.

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